How To Get Xrp From Binance To Your Wallet?

(self. (2) How much? (3) Why? (4) This is not a legitimate wallet and no, you will not get your Ripple in the end. binance ripple reddit

21 Dec 2017 When we find that we can’t reach our goal, such as running out of money before getting funded by an investor, the company shuts down and everyone loses everything including their money. The company has been around since 2014 and recently posted 200% increase in transactions for desktop wallets 27 Nov 2017 We launched our virtual currency wallet service back in August 2015 to support XRP and other digital tokens and to start building a platform upon which companies could build applications that serve their own needs: tech startups, tech giants like Google/Facebook/Apple or banks that want to create their own ripple benefit starbucks 15 May 2016 I’m looking into buying $25 worth of ripple just so i dont lose it all if this gets shut down . will xrp go up again . do you think there’s any possibility of this happening ? 2 Feb 2018 In order to buy BTC from an exchange, you need a fiat gateway – either via credit card or bank transfer. Coinbase is one option but there are others such as Bitstamp etc. If you’re going to use a credit card then make sure that it’s got a huge APR because 30% interest rate credit cards are

16 Jan 2018 Or maybe its even better if they keep pulling similar scams, take them apart piece by piece until eventually