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* * @return HttpResponse * the given response

methods_on_create method returns a promise which will resolve when CryptoConfig has been initialized. If database connection errors occur during initialization, this function will return a rejected promise.

How to find books in your account? * * Try asking in world chat but note that you may not get a satisfactory answer. You must use this tutorial when having trouble with getting books from the library. Note: Keep in mind that database queries can be very slow when using large databases and/or many results – See for more info or addendum on performance improvements if available.* This tutorial is intended for new users only. Do not attempt to run it on your main node unless intermediate steps have been completed already! If you don’t know how to log into Crypto Library, go here:Note: When making a query, it’s useful to cast numbers as strings instead of just numbers so they can later be concatenated together without problems.* Example Collection QueryThe query below creates 25 items from your collection, sorts them by their last name and puts them back into the original order using their first names as ids.:$items =Collection::find($basePath . “/{username}{lastname}” , []);for ($i = 0; $i < count($items);$i++){$book =Collection::add($items[$