How To Get Your Money Out Of Crypto Com?

– by karbowan

Binance is the only exchange that I know of that accepts credit cards. If you want your money out of crypto, make sure to set something up with Binance (preferably with Credit Card). They can open a bank account in Korea for free. This way, they do all the paperwork and handling for you and deposit your money almost immediately back into Korea’s banks. Afterward, it doesn’t matter whether Binance is “good or not” because you don’t have access to your funds (unless someone steals them; then what would most people do?). It’s good practice to transfer most of 60%+1 BTC within 3 months of creating an account since the network charges a 2% fee per transaction. To read more about Binance from their official website, click here>> government thinks Cryptocurrency trading will be legalized very soon which makes us think…is looking forward to this..