How To Install Dogecoin On A Ledger S Site:Youtube.Com?


USE A BITCOIN WALLET I DONT CARE IF YOU USE SURETY BUT 1) Get 2 different bitcoin wallets somewhere that you already have account info for 3) Put them both into your ledger wallet. For example, if you use coinbase or circle — create a new wallet on the same site as your other one 4) MOVE YOUR COINS FROM 1 EXCHANGE TO THE OTHER 5) Load up your first wallet with coins so it syncs 6) Move coins from other exchange to first wallet 7) Access the first exchange app to load bitcoins 8 ) Remove coins from other exchange so it syncs 9 ) Disconnect second exchange app so it doesn’t sync 10 ) Go back to first exchange and go through process again 11 ) This is how you keep track of what coins are in which wallets 12

This is step by step guide on how to put install dogecoin on a ledger s