How To Keep Track Of Crypto For Taxes?

Need a way to keep track of your crypto for tax? You have just come to the right place. In 2018, with all the different exchanges being very popular with one service, there is no need for multiple accounts and keeping track of transactions. With only one account you will be able to login from anywhere in the world and keep track of your trades in real-time.

How do I view my profit or loss?

This can be confusing because you see profit in one exchange but not another. This step-by-step guide will make it simple for you to understand how profit and loss works when trading cryptocurrencies on Shapeshift. So let’s go over this quickly: PAID is how much money you spent when making a transaction that was recorded in your portfolio down below! PROFIT is the amount of capital that remains after sending out coins/ether/etc using payouts from your portfolio! In other words, paid + (profit – paid) = your net gain! If you want more info about trading on any exchange or margin trading please visit our guide here: