How To Keep Track Of Crypto Transactions?

What is a “Segwit”

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How do I keep track of my crypto transactions?

Luckily for us as Bitcoiners, there are two options to keep tabs on your crypto transactions: Electrum and Breadwallet. For both wallets we recommend using electrum server mode — just click the following menu items: View > Server Mode and then select Electrum Server. This will allow you to see all of your addresses and their respective balances just like doing it from the wallet itself. Furthermore, if you run Electrum Server with BTC on Chain (by default), your wallet will show you which UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) belong to each of your addresses! Pretty cool huh? Although every tool helps some people would like more information such as how many confirmations were done before a payment was made or how much funds transferred between what node(s). Moreover, since electrum throws out the entire block chain into the air at once – this can be quite an extreme amount of data that you can access quickly by making sure that blockchain rescan is enabled (it’s normally under Settings > Options > Network). Additionally, if our customers happen to use another coin in addition to BTC in their wallets everything gets thrown into the mix when scanning. Although because you have all three coins scanned in one sitting