How To Lock In Gains With Stop Limit On Binance?

To lock in profits we need to do the following:

Bring minimum trading volume up to $25M. This may be difficult because it could take days or weeks for that volume to materialize and then the trade would still not hit our predefined stop loss. We can mitigate this by setting a specific dollar value as a potential “target” amount of USD, which could be set anywhere from $5m to $10m depending on market conditions. If we do above, below, or exactly our target price, we will lock in profits with a limit sell order at P=0 (i.e., if the price is higher than our target price…lock in profit…if lock-in). For example lets say that we initiated a position at 10 cents and now want to take advantage of a 5 cent rally and convert those 10 cents into 2 dollars at 20 cent P=0 today. That means that whatever excess value from the buy order after settlement will become an incoming margin payment from bittrex without ever reaching us unless settlement was greater than or equal to 20 cents. Incoming margin payments are capped so buying milk but only selling butter is ok But settling at less than 20 cents P=0 results in forced liquidation into BTC..which is clearly against our desire which was going long going long going long! So let’s have P<20c –> set our stop loss @ 0(and even better P<20)