How To Look Up Historical Prices On Binance?

Guppy Coins can be bought and sold on DEX by creating a pair of GUP tokens. The price of Guppy Coins is based off market supply and demand. The rate at which Guppy Coins are created by the trading platform is set to 2%

How do I keep my wallet safe?

You may choose between two ways to keep your wallet secure: password protection or PIN code verification. Please go here for more info on that. To view your balance, log into your account and click “Account”. You will then see the option to “View Balance”, as well as an exchange section with all available pairs for this coin. For information on how to deposit/withdraw fiat currency, please check out these pages about EUR/USD deposits or withdrawal, USD deposits or withdrawal, or BTC withdrawals using any bank in the world Contact us via email if you have any additional questions!