How To Make A Custom Dogecoin Wallet?

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Why use Doge? You can get free coins. If you want to get free money why would you spend the time and effort creating it in the first place? Why go through all of that when you can just ask someone for a btc instead and expect them to be flattered by it and give you even more than before… and then demand that they pay over twice as much when they buy from you again because their ego will have taken such a bath in appreciating such generosity. Why bother with all of this if everyone is going to treat you like shit anyway? Why subject yourself (and everyone else) to such an ordeal when there are other ways around it already available in the modern world we live in now where we don’t need to struggle or struggle off others who really barely understand anything about what we’re talking about anyways… That’s my 2 cents on the matter at least.

I’ve said generally, don’t try and make one because lets face it its pretty hard work without any rewards unless its your own personal project, but i understand how some people might try out making one for fun or for doing something nice for someone special back home… But I wouldn’t recommend trying making one except maybe as a gift no matter how small saying thank you seems like making someone feel good might help them feel better too.. If only including some copy/paste responses into somebody’s signature