How To Make A Paper Wallet Dogecoin?

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LegendaryActivity: 1792Merit: 1041 Re: How to Create a Paper Wallet September 23, 2014, 01:02:51 AM #30 Quote from: lastwill on August 14, 2014, 11:09:12 PM Many people have asked how to create this kind of wallet. I always proposed that you should use the tumbler for many BTC then they can put money in this kind of wallet. But now it seems not enough people know about TumbleBit so here I come again with my question do you know any tutorial or very simple guide? How is it made? First pay some btc at tumblingd where I believe it’s the best one and then they generate a new address which you download after a few hours and just send your Bitcoins to there address through wiring service if not any big websites offer such service. This is pretty much same as seed or paper wallets but without creating a private key. The system does everything for its users who don’t care about security since all the files are publicly accessible… Do you know anyone who offers such an option? Unfortunately Security features are useless… :'( So how complicated would be to maintain such a system without being attacked by other users? Who supports it? What other bitcoin services should i use while keeping only 1 Bitcointalk account instead other accounts which require too much open