How To Make A Paper Wallet For Xrp?

Let me ask you this. Why would I want to own cryptocurrency made in China/Singapore/Serbia? You can get them for free if you buy an ASIC minter. Why would I, the normal person, want to get involved with something so super nerdy? There is also something very greedy about it because no one has shown us how much people would give up even 10s of thousands of dollars each in order to obtain these coins at 0% interest in this era when banks are charging insane fees and won’t allow you to put EVEN ONE penny into your bank account! So that’s the incentive angle. There’s also near anonymity because they aren’t linked to any exchange or wallet service like ItBit or Coinbase or Gemini are. They are simply mined by the user who acts as an automated “miner”.So let me take a guess at why someone might want to make their own paper XRP tokens:1) They believe XRP will become widely used for holding value (because it seems well positioned).2) They believe XRP will be easier and more anonymous than bitcoin for example.3) Because there are always people who have money out on credit cards without paying attention, hoping that they can fix their budget situation by investing their precious cash into digital currencies. As long as nobody knows who owns what coin(s), there’s little risk that they are defrauded due to theft of private keys etc…4) But most importantly, I don’t think