How To Make Money From Bitcoin Transaction Fees?

I’m not sure if this is a clear and honest enough question and if it is, then I apologize for causing confusion in my statement. I respect the work that btc2 has done in helping new users but perhaps they can help me clarify my statements here:For anyone just starting to use Bitcoin they might be thinking to themselves “When am I going to make my first transaction? Shouldn’t there be at least some tutorial on how to do this, maybe with links or videos?”First of all let me say that when you start using Bitcoin you should really only ever need your seed phrase (this is also called your wallet password) if you’re worried about security but here’s a link for a good explanation of why it’s important–secret However, any person that used their seed phrase would have lost access to their bitcoins right? So shouldn’t we try and find another way of unlocking our coins without giving out our secret key? In fact shouldn’t we read up on things like Trezor before making another bitcoin purchase? This website does exactly what one would expect from such a site except by reading its description makes no mention of Trezor support. It just reads “Get free hardware.”But surely there must be some alternative ways outside of signing up for an account somewhere else right?OK so how do we transfer our