How To Make Your Binance Account 100% Safe?

#1 – Make sure you use it for mining and not trading. You can always post on the official thread if you have any questions regarding profit-earning, pools, etc. I personally recommend using your laptop connected to a power socket as your only source of power if possible. It is very important that all miners don’t do it on the same account! That said – nobody can guarantee that everybody is following this advice – so just be aware of the risk involved and don’t ever put any money into a binance wallet used for trading (you will lose everything). Also ensure that you never send bitcoins from an exchange wallet to your personal wallet. There are many ways how bad things can go down from there… However, as long as you stick strictly with those two recommendations I would say your chances of getting scammed are minimal as they tell almost every newbie user this before giving them access to their accounts.

#2 – Never buy anything with BTC on Binance . The best way to keep your investments safe is to purchase some altcoins beforehand and store them in an exchange for easy conversion into BTC whenever needed.. I wouldn’t even consider buying a coin within Binance or other exchanges until it has proven itself by reaching a stable value but paying most attention here although most will be trade listings with no volume behind them so watch out with these too)anyway i would also suggest looking at cryptopia, bittrex or zebpay