How To Mine Ethereum With Gpu?

Pool Mining vs Solo Mining. mining with a GPU is often profitable in comparison to pool mining, because it has higher variance and also because your hash rate will depend on how much work you are currently producing. Pool mining requires all the miners in the pool to have access to the same data about pending transactions so that they can commit them to their local storage which ensures consistency for everyone..Whereas solo mining with a GPU has less potential due to higher variance but since no one can know what is happening at any moment, there are fewer enemies of the system, just like buffaloes in China believe there are few tigers. The average price of Ether is currently hovering around $250 – 300 US dollars per token, compared with just over $200 before its run up earlier this year A lot of people these days seem to think that cryptocurrencies like ETH need lower gas fees or will somehow fail without lower gas fees. Voted up! But again… Enough about GAS! Lowering Gas Fees for Non-ETHEREUM Tokens (ERC20) wont help us ether holders either. Or maybe someone on this thread knows why Ethereum went down on some exchanges last night??? I don’t really care too much about what’s happening right nowBut then again I’m not even holding Ethereum right nowSo vote on my answer! What do you mean? How does it work? Sorry if i caused worryPlease keep voting allot more questions get answered!!! Let these answers live on eternity!! AND DO NOT SPAM THE