How To Move Crypto From Binance To Ledger?

3.22.2018 Update 2: I have updated the section below in this post to include information about the Doha Bitcoin Exchange (DBO). Doha Bitcoin Exchange is a crypto exchange based out of Qatar that has added support for ETH trading pair in March 2018.

Before selling your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin you should get an estimate on its value using any of the bitsquare exchanges above. after figuring out how much coin you can get by selling it at these btcs, then sell the best one among them all. If you are looking for ways to move Bitcoin from Binance to Trezor wallet, check our steps described below: 1) download Trezor application form Google Play Store; 2) Open Trezor app and log-in with your 3fa code; 3) Choose Bitcoin Account and click “Switch Wallet” button to transfer coins**; 4) After selling BTC ensures that you save them in different wallets like Trezor web wallet or Nano Ledger S hardware wallet etc **Important notice: DO NOT transfer cryptocurrencies into the Coinbase account until 1 week after transaction is initiated because once block confirmations are done (typically 6 blocks), then withdrawals will be processed very quickly! **Here’s blockchain address where you should send your Bitcoin if u sent directly from Binance to BTC address without transferring it first to other exchange like Gemini, Kraken etc Firstly make sure that your Bitstamp account is not compromised otherwise there would be no