How To Move From Binance To Nano S?

If you have a wallet on the Nano S this is what to do:

At any time download all of your Bitcoins from the current blockchain into that same wallet.

Go to BTC/Nano S or ETH/Nano S and exchange for XRB. This is not worth doing however as it will take more than 1 TX fee just to send out of Coinbase at best, so I am not going there.

You now need to move your coins over to Binance Exchange. Go here:

Create an account (use crypto capital referral code 101 if desired) and login with that account (unless you want usernames like nemomite255). Then click on Funding behind the deposit button, choose “Choose Account”, pick yours (you can see “Deposit History” which should be empty), then hit OK until you are returned back here again where you may redeem your funds now for XRB or leave them in there until they become available in their own row under Deposits? Another option would be to fund an account once activated with $99 USDT per unit at $1 each but then return to Coinbase, spend 25 USDC for either 1RNV or 2RVN then go back and transfer BTC into Binance where I believe transfers are free anyway so cost isn’t significant anyway after one order plus fees