How To Move Iota From One Binance Account To Another Binance Account?

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How to buy and sell Iota with fiat currency (US Dollar and Euro)

Binance is a one stop crypto brokerage that allows you to trade both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies; we will cover how to buy and sell iota with traditional currency on binance here! You can also contact them via email if you have any question regarding this guide!

To get started you need 2 things first your down payment address( after i will tell what it is). So open up your Binance account go over to funding section choose generate new address next enter in ‘LATIN SMALL LETTER T’ once again click on continue so now its all done just wait for your BNB deposited into your exchange account! Once this is done go back over to Funding & Verification select deposit & verify fund next input deposit funds enter in