How To Move Money From Bitgrail To Binance?

I want to move money out of bitgrail because it is in fact a ponzi scheme. Also when i close the chat at bitgrail they sometimes start to spam me and add each other in chat (scamming). So i want to know how much i should withdraw from binance and when.

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Which wallet do you use? Which exchange? How much BTC do you have in there? I like BitGrail but for this reason: “To make up for the huge losses during 2017, Bitgrail started paying bounties to random users who made withdrawals from their platform.” Do you get paid if someone makes a withdrawal from your wallet or does it depend on how much BTC is stored there etc.?Yes obviously but still if something big will happen to them this could kill many people at once…It’s hard for me since I don’t have enough funds on any exchange except bittrex..I will keep my eyes open though nice thing about Binance is that they allow payments even with low fee so no problemsFor example: https://cryptocompare​-jpyjyhvcxthyz6nxzmvawc6494pzk2