How To Move Trx From Liqui To Binance?

For Litecoin (LTC) trading, you need to open an account on Binance. Read our guide for the best places to buy and trade LTC. For example, the move from $30 USD to $50 USD was by far larger than any other move we see happening in this market right now even though it wasn’t a big sell off at all. Just look at what happened with TRON and TRX! It announced its listing on August 22nd creating massive hype for investors who wanted in that instant. Kraken is known to be one of the most reputable exchanges when it comes into cryptocurrency trading, especially digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ether. As such factoring in future increase in volume brings unrealistic hopes but there is still room for optimism since futures contracts can easily be created once an exchange adds their product onto eToro portfolio manager Michael Novogratz has become a crypto icon because he predicted the crypto bull run back in 2013 when bitcoin was basically below 100 dollars. You can trade LTC through Bitfinex or Binance although currently both offer only BTC pairs while ERC20 tokens are nowhere near launching yet so no advice here except go check out Bitfinex if you wish to trade Ethereum based tokens like DASH . [14] In September 2017, Gemini listed Litecoin ($LTC), making it available to US traders.[15] On January 25th 2018, Coinbase Inc., a leading digital currency company announced its intent to add one more coin