How To Move Verge From Binance To Nano S?

after you’ve done all of that, then move into the Verge wallet. Look for a coin to ‘import’ that contains your full . Then go to Settings and change both to Decimal places rather than Hexadecimal. Finally, look for a recommended number of confirmations in the Trusted Recipients tab – don’t select more than it recommends. I think this is because setting the settings too high increases anonymity but doesn’t make sense since no one will actually be able to send you coins at near instant speed with even 10 confirmations!

how long to wait until verge reaches 1 dollar?

I actually have no idea given how rapidly Verge prices move up and down. It could take less or much longer depending on how much people sell vs buy when price movements occur. If there’s significant buying demand ahead of time then it could easily take weeks before it hits $1 USD per VET/VZT