How To Move Your Coins From Binance To Trezor?

binance has disappeared

How to move my money to bitfinex? How do I transfer my Bitcoin (BTC) from one exchange/wallet (e.g. to another wallet/exchange (e.g. without a third party intermediary? Currently, all further transactions between the Winklevii and Bitfinex will have to be signed with a Bitlicense compliant smart contract by the Winklevosses themselves ensuring that they have adequate control over their assets associated with this transaction. This is required because Bitfinex / Tether is based in Taiwan and subject to the regulatory scrutiny of the People’s Republic of China law enforcement bodies via investigation conducted under rule 11 rule 30 of Taiwan’s Anti Money Laundering Act, which makes it mandatory for Taiwanese exchanges / wallet providers / individuals who hold funds in excess of NT$200M(approximately $622K USD) on deposit at a single bank account or individual bank accounts in Taiwan held within 3 months prior, no less than once per year (~1% annually), provide information regarding these funds amount and owner’s name / identity documentation they are holding under the provision of an anti-money laundering reporting requirement scheduled by Taiwanese law, which until Aug 9th 2018 has been suspended [2]. [3] [4][5][6][7][8[9[10[11[12[13[