How To Move Your Google Authenticator For Binance To A New Phone?


their wallet 💥 Download the QT Wallet from here: Or download this standalone wallet from here:…orsmallwallet Github Address: …(jim@gmx) 27 followers, 1 following, 25 posts – see allPosts by jim since Tue Jan 16 2018 09:26 pm3 months ago$10000 + ROI (not sure yet)We are currently testing support for moving your Google Authenticator to a new device.Binance is supporting off chain transactions nowadays enabling us to send funds back and forth without any worries of blockchain forks or transactions that will suddenly get stuck later on.- We dont own our hardware, but we can help you if you run into issues with upgrading your phone with google authenticator- If you cause problems with your hardware just send an email to about it and we can try our best to help!Here is how it works:- You go through the setup process like always including downloading the app for google authenticator- After setting up your contactless payment method in google authenticator tap your card on the zenpay machine one time only (usually very simple)- Hit “Continue” when you finish sending code– You then repeat these steps on Binance, after that hit “Verifyations” in Settings> Mobile Network>