How To Pay With Ethereum?

The following are the top three countries that will allow you to pay with ethereum in 2018

China The European Union North America

If your goal is to have an easy way to pay with ethereum in China, then this might be tricky for you. However, if your friends or family members live in China and they manage their money through a Chinese bank account, then it should be much easier for you to open up a local bank account in China so that you can use their funds to pay for stuff online in the country. This would only take about two weeks of processing time. But make sure that there’s no deposit fee involved when using your debit card inside of China before making the decision if paying via credit card or not. If there is a fee involved, then consider purchasing some used yuan (CNY) on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and get something like UCoin (UCN) which has low transaction fees and less volatility than most other coins issued by the People’s Bank of China. Now let’s talk about how paying with ethereum through Coinbase might work: To get started: You still need a verified USA bank account (Chase, Wells Fargo etc.) and an Ethereum address reserved on Coinbase Which means: 1. Verify your Coinbase Account 2. Fund account 3. Buy some ETH 4️⃣ Done! Create Your Ethereum Wallet – Video on YouTube Reminder: I am NOT suggesting buy bitcoins or altcoins at any exchange such as Coinbase