How To Purchase Wancoin On Etherdelta From Binance?

Some of the exchanges where Wancoin is listed are:

Stocks.Exchange : Listing from 24/10/2017, symbol WNC. You can buy wancoin using either BTC or ETH. There are no withdrawal limits but deposits have a daily limit imposed by the exchange which you can refer to their website here for more information. It seems that there isn’t a good way to purchase it on the site itself, however we’ll update this post should we come across one! For now, be sure to follow our guide below and you’ll still be able to buy! Yobit: 1:1 To USD Trading (20 October 2017), Listing From 10/9/2017, WNCBTC Pairs with other Altcoins such as DOGE and : Trading Platform Only (21 Oct 2017). Thanks Patrick! We’re happy that these other exchanges list us! However , if anyone knows an official etherdelta or yobit link please let us know in the comments below so we can add them here – we’d love your help in spreading awareness for this coin!!

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