How To Put Money From Crypto Com To Bank?

I’m going to create a general guide for P2P exchange platforms, where the real money is moving from investors to founders/owners or token holders.

Investors will buy your tokens with an exchange platform that you created a white paper on. The investor will then control the token through this investment so he has control over how much of the tokens are being distributed around and when it should be spent, etc… That is why making sure you have accurate information about how many tokens belong to who makes sure people who invested in an ICO get their tokens. When you get cash from investors, they can trade these coins back into fiat if they want. It will never leave your site no matter what though because there’s a promise of liquidity since you have established a trust relationship with them. This trust relationship will also enable them to see their balance at all times or put a small charge against that account if they wish to do so (to discourage would would be scammers). If an investor doesn’t want his funds available he can just close his account and lock up those funds until the project is finished with its pre-chosen timing, hopefully by then there are enough new investors waiting in line for him that he gets all his money back plus more than tripled! And now maybe some extra because people now know about you too…. Basically this model creates two things: 1) Money supply = 2^n ~> New markets become possible 2) Tokenomics =