How To Read A Candlestick Chart Crypto?

What are Candlestick Patterns? A candlestick is a bar or candle, indicating the opening and closing price of an index. We use different colors to represent this information in our charting interface, it’s very easy to see these colors. All you have to do is focus on the two bars in the middle of the chart. The body that appears above these two bars indicates how much volume was traded during that period. If there are three or more candles in a row then we might call them triplets because they look like 3 candlesticks stacked one on top of each other. Let’s go back to what happened during this one month example – if you are interested check out the image below by moving your mouse cursor over it:

After several months without any relevant movement at all, all three patterns appeared on crypto currency charts at once, with no clear reason behind why they happened but still… They were happening! Just look at how far down and right we managed to get: WOW! These sudden movements looked so strong and powerful and I could not wait to know why they were happening and what would happen next! And if we had been able to jump straight from $200 upwards at $900 for example without taking any break within such a short timeframe while our money pumped up so fast… We would definitely be talking about huge profits right now wouldn’t we?! I actually did some research about these patterns just out of curiosity but nothing related related people buying them into action