How To Read A Depth Chart Crypto?

Just know that at the uni level, its around 7-9 players per team. At the D2/D3, it goes down to 6-8, at D1 there’s 5-6 and they’re getting further away from that number with each tier…so for most of them, its more of a general recommendation rather than exact numbers.

Q: What are your thoughts on depth charts? Are they useful or is it just overrated hype? I’ve seen people use them wrong in threads about players transferring…but do you guys think it has any real value in terms of scouting players? Do you disagree with something I’m saying in this post?

Great question! We definitely understand how important player depth charts are when trying to make sense of who will be starting on various teams throughout the season. The problem is that they’re often being used incorrectly by many scouts in many different situations. When someone says “oh but he’ll be playing with X” or “the best goalies move up to A+”, then usually what happens is one person sets up their scout program to match where he thinks he can get the transfer target onto his team’s depth chart so he isn’t left completely hopeless unless his target transfers in year 1 after having been available since year 9. It worked when Alex Ovechkin was moved from Hershey to Capitals’ top line when Alex was 16 or 17 years old, but for almost anyone else it would be a bit