How To Receive Free 20 Xrp From Gatehub?

October 13, 2014: With more than 400 people in the network and more than $3.7M raised, we’re very excited to announce we’re part of Binance! We’ve always had a soft spot for the bitcoin community and wanted to do what we could to support these pioneers as they work towards bringing new services to our ecosystem.

How can I receive XRP?

You don’t need an account at Gatehub, but if you want your XRP to show up on your Gatehub wallet you need firstly go and sign up and then manually send BTC (or ETH or LTC) from the same exchange that litcoin was deposited into that is showing as received on your gatehub account. Then once confirmed on this new exchange send it out again; literally drop it straight onto you gatehub wallet!