How To See What Price You Bought On Binance?

You have probably heard of the term “swing trading.” Swing trading is short selling. You can also see this in action with digital currencies using exchanges like Binance. This is where you buy a crypto asset, hold it for a while and then sell it back at the same price that you bought it.

How are binance’s fees compares to other exchanges?

Binance charges an average fee of 0.1% when buying cryptocurrencies on its exchange. For example, if you are trading 1 BTC for USDT, your transaction would cost 0.0001 BTC ($10), similar to other exchanges like Coinbase (24 cents) or Poloniex (0.075%). However, the fee delta between bnb and some other major exchanges like Siacoin (70%) or Electroneum (76%) is quite large. It is rather competitive when compared with other popular centralized exchanges like Bittrex (37%), Kraken (91%), Gemini (5%) etc., but on the low end compared to decentralized platforms like Unitus Coin / KuCoin which charge nothing for deposits or withdrawals!