How To See Your Average On Crypto Com?

+ ~ positive aspect. Now you can send us a screenshot of your active wallet address, so that we can see your daily earnings, how long it lasted to reach the desired price and that’s great! You will receive tokens according to the trading volume.

What are the benefits for traders?

+ ~ There are 2 types of traders – those who are confident in themselves, buy at lower prices and sell at higher ones. On average it takes these people about one month to earn money with BNB. The second type of trader acts as an insurance policy against loss of time or confidence by getting into low-buying/selling periods; he spends only money he has on hand (which is equivalent) buying / selling after reaching his goal (he calculates this precisely). The first type makes large profits gradually over time; the second one – quick but risky income. It’s different approaches SLP believes in discordia – uncertainty, ignorance and ignorance!