How To Sell And Withdraw Money From Crypto Com?

@crypto panda – Do you trust that this is the right time to buy Bitcoin in India? I’m asking because you have mentioned about Indian exchanges which are not so trustworthy.Whats the best way to sell and withdraw money from crypto com?

Now, why would I send money to Indian exchanges when people here in India want it more than anywhere else in the world? My point was that they are unwilling/unable to scale their systems up quickly enough because of various political reasons. If anything, this means that they are even slower at scaling up.

Also, if global demand continues its upwards trajectory then BTC will rise much faster than ever expected over the next 6-12 months. So there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should be panicking about rising interest rates or volatility or lack of liquidity or uncertainty regarding regulatory policy (yes, almost almost every country has some kind of de facto/ de jure regulation; but these can all be addressed by legitimate entities).

I don’t know how it could possibly get any better for Bitcoin except perhaps via decentralized exchange like LBRY (which i still think needs to release their iOS app though):