How To Sell My Dogecoin On Poloniex Exchange?

If you need to sell your Dogecoin for any reason, we recommend as a good place to start because it provides a transparent and secure method of selling the popular coin that has been used as a form of digital currency for social tipping. You can easily use this trading platform to sell Dogecoin from the major online exchanges such as YoBit, Poloniex and HitBTC at competitive prices without having to worry about third party transaction fees or exchange rate risks. They offer a no-tolerence refund policy so there is nothing holding you back from selling what you own if you choose not to complete the sale. The selling process entails verification through screenshots along with copious wait times before completion. The company offers one of the lowest deposit payout thresholds compared with other exchanges that may risk causing loss due to price volatility during sale periods after the deposit amount is received by them keeping in mind that they will then reserve 50 percent of each trade up to an unexhausted withdrawal limit per month after verification has been submitted by you. Moreover, unlike many other platforms which allow 5 percent for withdrawal, this exchange does suit those who would prefer a greater investment return on their capital but would like to tailor how much they give up out of every trade depending on which spread option they wish to make use of when cashing out their funds. Therefore, it comes down to personal preference whether YoBit or Bitstamp are preferred over this new firm for exchanging Dogecoins due