How To Sell Tron For Usd From Binance?

People think that the only way to sell tron for usd is to choose between two exchange platforms: Binance and Bittrex. However, as mentioned above, there are also other exchanges such as Kucoin and Bitfinex that allow users to trade TRX for USDT directly. On these platforms it is actually possible to sell TRC 15 for $ 1.00 or even less than $ 1.00 per token:

Kucoin: Selling TRX at a rate of $ 0.0134650 – last sale was on January 3 GMT + 8 / 9 p.m ..!

Bitfinex: Selling TRX at a rate of US Dollar (USD) 0.0004692 … last sale was around 20 minutes ago , fees included!