How To Sell Xrp For Usd On Gatehub?

I want to double my money in 1 week. transaction = 0.01 XRP for 1000 USD? They are not that difficult at all right now because the price of BTC is pretty stable compared to last year. If you think about it, Ripple has actually performed better than virtually every other cryptocurrency out there so far this year (although I will say that if Litecoin or Stellar can beat them both in the next couple weeks, then Ripple’s gonna be really fucked). It’s an extremely well-designed project and their investment arm has already gotten back more than 2x what they put into the company already this year/year+ depending on how much they decide to invest into it. Don’t get too caught up in trying to figure out “what the fuck” is happening with XRP at moment – just keep working on your position and buying when it dips back below $1 each. Happy investing!

Hi @makebets , would you please share with us your experiences in selling xrp through GHEB? Please let me know which exchanges you use (if any) Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken… Thanks Hi @maekbets , thanks for your reply but I got no idea what does v-e mean there? Could you please tell me if their is any risks doing that trade? And if yes do you need some help taking risk…? I don’t care whether I sell my xrp worth one cent 😀 Quote from: