How To Send Eos From Metamask To Binance?

EOS is not a common altcoin. It’s so strange and has such low liquidity compared to most cryptocurrencies. If you attempt to buy EOS with fiat currency (convert Bitcoin / etc to USD / EUR) on various exchanges, it can be quite difficult for you to do so because the price of the coin is so low. Different exchanges have different rules and procedures in regards to how this works and why EOS has such poor market visibility and trading volumes compared with other currencies like Bitcoin:Ethereum / Ripple:There are several ways that people try to send money into EOS from their wallets or exchange accounts:1) Use most trustworthy Cryptocurrency Exchange that accepts US-Dollar (USD):Here is one of the most reliable ways to deposit EOs/BTC/ETH/etc in order for your money get credited directly in your account through Binance 2) Use one of the many reputable online exchanges which allows swift USD deposits with 5 minutes or less waiting period:Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), Anthony Di Iorio (founder and CEO BitX), Michael Bucella (CEO CoinShares), Brock Pierce (investor ConsenSys Enterprise & former head of research at Steemit).3) Use Metamask plugin for Chrome, FireFox or Edge browsers; Use Ledger Nano S hardware wallet 4) Buy Bitcoin using Coinbase BTC wallet then transfer Bitcoin into Coinbase USD wallet5) The safest way if you own Bitcoin stored