How To Send From Binance To Ledger Nano S?

If you download the blockcain app and click on your transaction history there is a column named ‘real time’. That column is live now. It lists all of your transactions from today as well as those from yesterday at the exact moment they happened. From that list, you can use the currency selector to easily pick out which currency you want to send from binance to ledger nano s, and also tell it which currency to send back to binance. To do this, simply switch between currencies until you see your desired currency listed in real time, then make a selection for it in the currency selector below. If you want bitcoins instead of ether or eth or any other token, just change your currency selector accordingly after clicking with confirmations complete!

what i have been trying was how do I transfer my BTC from Binance-> Etherdelta? Or from Ankucoin -> Binance? please help me…

These are altcoin exchanges with dollars only so the most straightforward way would be via Shapeshift which converts with USDT – trusted & insured by Coinbase – if available – directly credit card – lightning fast + decentralized exchange whenever possible with traders around the world adding liquidity between specific pairs or matching trades instantly on Swift/Poloniex/Bittrex etc.. For example: sending XMR from Monacoin wallet -> Shapeshift -> MyEtherWallet(Remove address) → Using Dogecoins for 0% transfer fee (use example