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Best Altcoin to Hold Long Term

This is assuming you are looking at more than just one coin. If that’s the case, then this list doesn’t apply to your criteria since it only includes top 5 coins by market cap. I picked these because they all have their own set of pros and cons, but especially because most of them are quite good for long term investing. I ranked them by current price with an emphasis on long-term returns with lower risk.Update 2018/10/15:To keep the comparison as fair as possible, prices are updated every hour compared to US dollar per 10MArk/BTCBack in 2014 when most people were talking about BTC vs LTC vs BCH, “Why choose between cryptocurrencies” was a common question. And if someone then asked you which cryptocurrency is the best long term investment or “which altcoin should I buy?” that is also how things looked like back then. Today maybe different questions come up again, but nonetheless it’s not possible to compare cryptocurrencies purely based on price per coin anymore – there are too many factors involvedYou can read the old article linked down below if you want further info on trading sentiment or any other topic related to trading altcoins or cryptocurrency in general, but still…Long story short here are my thoughts about some Factors for evaluating additionals coinsI’ve previously owned btc very early before it went parabolic and purchased all my eth and ltc after following /r/bitcoin /r/