How To Send Neo From Binance To Wallet?

so i need to buy bitcoin or neo and send them from binance wallet?

where can i do that?

thanks in advance. thanks for this amazing exchange.i think it is the best one in terms of trading options and when i left my work, bittrex had a candle day with huge how to protect myself from big dumps?there is no way out but manual transfer of cryptos from exchanges to wallets using the same private keys which you used to trade on an can do it in a few simple steps:download a desktop version of your walletapplication(eg: coinbase)however if you want a mobile application there are thousands of themwhich you have to choose among, then sync across all your coinsfollowing these simple steps will help you effectively secure your coinsand keep them away from crypto attackswhich often cause many market price crashes!pre-created seed seed which you obtain after registering an account at an exchangehowto send neo from binance to wallet?so i need to buy bitcoin or neo and send them from binance wallet?where can i do that?thanks in advance.