How To Send Ripple In Binance To Other Ripple Wallet?

Ripple doesn’t have a native currency, but XRP tokens are used for all sorts of transactions. I switched my Ripple account to BTC and bought about 0.0004 btc units which is about 1/10 th amount of ripple I bought in September, after I had set up the same time bank transfer to Kraken. Next day the transaction completed successfully into my bittrex wallet. Transaction id was 6f92d6ac5c66311e4864a0b2b62dd6be87cc89392827270737779e492b240c04 After this, I clicked on ‘send’ button in real time buy ripple USA , it confirms instantly and shows bitcoin deposit address for me so i could see the picture below Now if you go back to upper right hand side under ‘currencies’ tab you will see guy selling xrp so you click guy selling xrp that appears at bottom right hand side just above his pic then it will show that guy adding your xrp into escrow awaiting your confirmation then after that he sends y$200 worth of coin for 99% transaction confirmed pictures : What should I do ? eth xrp bcn kraken rippledota ethereum traders