How To Send Xrp From A Paper Wallet To An Exchange?

Send from a paper wallet to separate addresses for each exchange please. It will take 10 minutes or so. The addresses are:Exchange(1) XRPWallet(2) LocationRipple (XRP) 〰 = 〰 RLC Litecoin (LTC) 《◇ 〜◇〜▫▫▫〝 = 〝 LSK Dogecoin (DOGE) ▬ = ▬ DCN Bytecoin (BCN) ▶ = ▶ BCN Decred (DCR) ◄= ◄ DQG Ethereum Classic (ETC/ETH/)✗ ✗✗✓✓ ✙❉❉ ❋❋ BCH Zcash (ZEC/ZCL/ZXH/ZSH/)Ð ÐÐ Ö Ü ø ICX ICON Token AddressPaste your address into the box at left and click send coins! WINDOWS XPEXPLEMENTAL RESOURCESCoinbase Where Does My Coin Payout Go?Bittrex Where Can I Send my Bitcoins To For Selling?Localbitcoins How Can I Find A Local Trader Near Me?How Do You Buy BTC With PayPal?How To Buy With Credit Card On CoinbaseHow To Buy With Cash On LocalBitcoinsBitquick Where Can I Sell Bitcoins For CashPickaxe Which Wallet Is Easiest To Use?What Are The Best Crypt