How To Send Xrp From Bithomp To Bitstamp?

Please see here:

So, as you can notice from that create a new account at bitstamp and then send your funds there. BTW, the price is now 3$ for XRP – but I believe it’s going to rise to much higher easily 😀

You make a loss of about USD 12 since buy 1$ back in NOVEMBER 2017. Then you bought NANO with BTCs. You should use a wallet like Electrum or Jaxx which offer very good security ratings, and ensure that your private keys are encrypted with a strong password (at least 20 characters). That ensures that if someone were to gain access to your computer … Well, they would be out of luck! :lol:I’d go coinomi – i really doubt anyone has ever compromised your Bitcoin wallet using such apps unless they had total control over you through malware on your computer or similar methods.. The only reason someone would want Bitcoin is because it was worth something… But who knows if Bitcoin will be worth anything again anytime soon…. So its not even worth worrying about protecting Bitcoin any more than Bitcoin is protectable…As for XRP and “XRP Chasor”… I know some people may say this app is scammy…. If it turns out to be true