How To Set A Limit Trade In Binance?

The term “limit” means you can only buy at the price I’ve set. So, if I set a limit of $10, then you cannot buy more than that amount (after fees) for this trade. This is to prevent someone from buying up all your tonnage and driving prices down by holding multiple contracts at the same time.

To adjust where the price stops on a limit order: Hold Shift and click/tap the Limit Price button: You should see a line appear in green or moves back and forth between red and green as you change your limit prices. While still holding shift while clicking/tapping this option will create a bid-ask spread reported to Binance’s API.

If you want to add other costs into your costs after fees, such as TTL or other rebates, add them into slots such that the total cost of the contract equals 10% over my minimum buy rate setting. For example, if I say $10 per tonne for 1 year lifespan with no TTL then my cost would be $1400 per contract. If it says 2% rebates mean that they are being deducted off at $(2-(0)*100)/((1-0)*100), making my actual impulse purchase extra costs equal to 10% + 2%-rebate = 12%. To quickly check these numbers try typing 100*(1+0) = 100*1 * .01 -(2^(-bit