How To Set A Stop Loss In Binance?

And never to know what you’re worth: I feel like people forget what it actually means to set a stop loss. It means that if the price goes too high for your profit, then literally every single penny of profit will be used up all at once and that’s literally it. You literally can’t put any more money in to recover losses. So I think people get lost when they say ‘okay how do I manage my profits? How do i manage my profits so i can increase them etc?’ well there is no rulebook on how much you should increase them by, this is completely arbitrary and personal preference – so don’t try and apply rules on yourself! If you lose some money, then only take out what you need for one week or two weeks or three weeks – anything really close about where your losses are at doesn’t hurt anybody. And while the stop loss isn’t 100% effective, it does work around 70% of the time whenever someone risks their capital into something bad happens (or if they are overly emotional).