How To Set Limit Order On Kraken For Xrp?

@gunnerweb “I want to set a limit order on kraken for xrp, how do I do this?”

There are many ways to place an order. The two most popular methods are placing by market, based off the current price of XRP, or setting by price. You can set your buy or sell orders through Kraken’s interface directly by entering the price you wish to purchase/sell at. By pressing either Buy 1 ETH OR Sell 1 XRP you will then be directed to input that amount directly into your account then press Continue(ish). After filling out all required information you will then click Continue again and enter an address for your deposit which will be where funds are sent from after making your purchase. Once both inputs have been filled out, go to submit order under the Orders tab near top right hand side of screen. Wait until complete before moving on!