How To Set Sell Limit On Crypto Com App?

– Quora

Short answer: you don’t… Unfortunately, the platform is set up such that sellers can set limits for each currency they wish to sell. If someone has bought 100 BTC and then sold all of them, they could use another currency to buy another 100 BTC to sell…thus creating a loop where no one is actually buying or selling anything. There are two solutions: 1) ask your seller to buy exactly what you want at full price (which would require setting an order on your system), 2) rebuy when your order fills (this would open up orders with essentially unlimited price). The latter solution isn’t cheap because it involves the exchange maker automatically filling orders for you. I recommend getting rid of all limits and resets by simply closing out orders with large negative balances once the amount reaches zero. This will bring the most accurate data since if someone buys after paying in coins that have already been purchased or used, then there will be fewer coins left over in their wallet which is most likely owned by their real customers due to it being stored on coinhive nodes (where there are less transactions per day than non-dedicated hosting). It also means that when people do rebuy after running low on crypto, there won’t be an opportunity cost since they will need to make new bids before placing any more orders…unlike when using fixed resets, many people simply place the current order like normal and not see how much higher prices can