How To Set Up Stop Loss And Sell Order In Binance?

Hi, the most important part is to learn how to use binance bot.

Binance bot can be used in various ways, for example: simple technical analysis, trading strategies and adjustments of your investment by using different algorithms. All these info can be found here: How to setup a stop loss on binance? 1) Download the binance app from App Store or Google play 2) Go to settings 3) enable “chat” 4) add your phone number 5) open the chat at least once every hour 6.) type “adddota”, you should see something like this [img] Please correct me if I mistranslate anything … I did not yet get a response from them.[b][/b][AwEeR_RSmAlLz][/aweer_rsmalldzl][/aweer_rsmalldzl], :(((