How To Set Up Trigger Order On Binance?

12/14/2018 · How to Setup Bitcoin Trading in Excel? Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency. You can never miss getting this coin when you suddenly read about it on the internet.

Bitcoin’s Price Is Already 20 To 30 Times Higher Than Before The peak price could be happening right now which was only $1,000 in Jan but currently, Bitcoin’s BTC is trading at around $15,600 presently and could possibly rise much further before the end of year 2017.

I am trying to setup a buy order in bittrex for BNB coins inspite of being on the wrong side of the order book(See below) also my exchange has been down for quite some time, I have been waiting endlessly for my orders to go through but nothing is going up or down… what should I do? In regards to your issues with ordering BNB on binance: Do not put your buy order too close to a sell-order of the same asset. On Coinbase it looks like you did had a limit market order placed which was filled after a while and then executed an actual market trade later making …