How To Setup A Bitcoin Mining Computer?

A: Please see the video “How to Setup a Bitcoin Mining Rig” below. It should answer any remaining questions you might have and bring you up and running super quickly.

Q: Can I mine BTC using GPUs?

A: You can certainly try to mine with your cards but there is no guarantee of profitability so play it safe and move back to mining Altcoins such as ETH/ETC/DOGE etc. This way the pool gives out more than 1 coin per day for BTC by paying out at least 2 coins per day for GPU, this means 20% increase in earnings.

Q: Does your trust page work since it is linked with Winklevoss’s oracle?

A: Yes it does! But I would suggest only doing the math checks on exchanges which are fully vetted by law abiding entities like If you do use the calculator on ethereum then keep an eye on change rates between last 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours because these are very volatile! Exchanges are moved around all the time so it is best to stick with known trustworthy exchanges that already have customers which means their websites will be verified with SSL Stands For “Secure Sockets Layer.” A secure website has a lock icon visible in the bottom right corner of your browser window . A little lock keeps people from breaking off parts of pages you’ve left unfinished,,,which lets others know