How To Spend Crypto Without Paying Taxes?

I quit paying taxes in Australia because I don’t think it’s fair that I should pay for the mistakes of other people. If I pay the right amount of tax, then I’m fine. The people who ‘paid’ $50k to get their passport would be happy to learn they only legally need $1,000 – or even less than for a normal application — so how much did you pay exactly? Did you get help from someone else at your country’s embassy?

If you get yourself an unregistered business account with IBAN number, register every transaction on 6 Apr 2014, 6 months prior your trip. Then in November 2014 file an income tax return in your home country if needed. If there are no taxes due after all this time, you can apply for a refund in Australia by lodging an Australian tax return in mid-2015 – let IBAN system know what happened in 2015 and claim back any tax payable that year.

If taxes still need to be paid when the travel money runs out (pretty unlikely), use one of these websites: