How To Store Xrp On Your Ledger Wallet?

So next step is to find the most efficient and effective way to store XRP on Ledger’s Wallet. Here I am listing down some options that you can consider for storing XRP according to your requirement:

Ledger Nano S with software based wallet: this hardware wallet supports only one coin but these days they are offering support for more than 100 coins which is a great achievement from Trust the dev’s. Ledger Nano S comes in different sizes, depending upon your requirement you can choose between 4/3in1 or 2/4in1. If size matters then I would suggest buying 2/4in1 version because it provides more additional storage space of 32GB while many other hardware wallets provide only 18 apps [Including Firmware]. These supports stored assets from various platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS but it doesn’t support cold storage [A cold storage method keeps private keys inside an offline environment not connected to internet]. In my opinion if you want high security option against hackers and taking random risks, I would suggest going with any of the Hardware Exclusive bitcoin wallets like Trezor or iPayment which also provide different asset management features depending upon your need. You can read a detailed review about trezor here—